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We have acted for decades in the not for profit, charity and social enterprise space and asked a few of our clients from some different sectors to describe their experiences working with us.


Krama & Co: Co-founder, Rebecca Parnham
Working with Steven and the team at Parry Field has enabled me to be clear about how we needed to set up. Getting some key aspects right now has made me feel confident about our future.


Social services: Housing Plus Charitable Trust, Marg Willis
“We have appreciated working with Parry Field Lawyers because of:
1) Their understanding and experience in the Charitable sector
2) Their attitude  – commitment of staff has been genuine and supportive
3) The staightfoward communication from PF in terms of explaining requirements simply and effectively
4) Being responsive and available
5) Their long and enduring reputation in the province.”


Education: The Commuting Book, Magdalena Lorenzo, Founder & Coordinator
“The guidance and advice I have received from Parry Fields Lawyers has been instrumental to the development of The Commuting Book.  It gave me confidence to move forward and think big.  I particularly appreciate being challenged with interesting questions that helped bring new perspectives to the project. It’s been great working with them.”


The Arts: Film Canterbury, Jackie Maw, Founder 

“When our organization was looking to set up a charitable trust, I knew without hesitation that I was going to select Parry Field Lawyers to do the work.  I was familiar with their conveyancing service and was aware that they specialized in charity law, and so Ken Lord was my first call. Ken arranged for us to meet with his colleague Steven Moe to assist, and from there we made a time to sit around the boardroom table (with a whiteboard and pen) so they could truly understand what we were trying to achieve. This not only reinforced the fact that their clients come first, but reassured me that they really did want to provide the best solution that was right for us. 

As a result of Ken and Steven’s diligence, wealth of experience and expertise, we successfully obtained charitable status, and within a much shorter time frame than I was expecting.  I would highly recommend Parry Field Lawyers, not just for their work in the area of charities, but for all legal services. They truly go above and beyond the call of duty.”


Tech: Digital Seniors, Cathy Hardinge, Founder and CEO

“Steven Moe’s expertise and his support to Digital Seniors has been fantastic. He works with where you’re at, bringing stretch to your thinking and ‘value add’. He has our highest recommendation.”


Youth Arts NZ Founder: Matthew Goldsworthy

“Steven and the team at Parry Field went absolutely above and beyond when assisting us with the set up our charitable trust. Steven also connected us with similar individuals and organisations, and gave us incredible advice regarding our direction as a nonprofit, which was hugely valuable. It’s great to have a lawyer that genuinely cares about the entities he represents.”

We have acted or supported the following charities, not for profits and social enterprises doing good in Christchurch, New Zealand and around the world:


The Good Shop – Eco social enterprise promoting green living, local products and workshops. Visit their website here







Housing Plus Charitable Foundation – Housing Plus provide affordable housing to vulnerable people in Christchurch who might not be able to access housing otherwise.







Film Canterbury – promoting Canterbury as a destination for film productions. Visit their website here: Film Canterbury








Watch this Space – a guide to the street art in Christchurch. Check out their website for more info here: Christchurch Street Art



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