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New research on Not For Profit Boards
21 Nov 2017 Post by:
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Some fascinating research has just been released about not for profit boards which is well worth a look.


The work has been done by Dr Jo Cribb who has made the research available at no cost here.  A good summary of the research is available in an article here.


The report is a timely reminder that we need to resource and better understand the needs of those serving on NFP boards.  As the article notes, “For the thousands of New Zealand directors serving on the more than 100,000 not-for-profit (NFP) boards in New Zealand – that is an estimated one in 40 of us  – being on the board is a labour of love.”


Some highlights identified in the article are the following:


The above are just a few highlights but the entire report is worth looking through for those operating in this area.


Dr Jo Cribb offers other information on her website here www.jocribb.co.nz and it is well worth checking that out as well.

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