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Interesting song and video on homelessness
09 Jul 2017 Post by:
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Came across this music video which has a great message and theme so thought it was worth sharing here It's a great message about seeing beyond the superficial.

The artist is Andy Grammar and apparently all the proceeds from the song go to the largest private homeless shelter in the United States the Union Rescue Mission.  The video itself was filmed on location there too.

Billboard magazine ran this profile on the song with more on the background:  "While the song is about looking at his wife through fresh eyes, the video shifts the perspective to the pandemic of homelessness. Grammer visits the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles in video, providing clean clothes, haircuts, shaves, meals, a listening ear and a lot of love to the thousand-plus people who seek shelter there each night.

“Feeding, clothing and picking up the spirits of people who are in desperate need is possibly the most natural and rewarding thing you can do in life," Grammer says. “We are really good at making it "us and them", but if you sit with a homeless person for more then five minutes you see it's just us.”

Have you seen any other artists raising awareness about an issue like this?  If so let us know by emailing stevenmoe@parryfield.com




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