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Creative disruption and how it can impact charities and not for profits
20 Mar 2017 Post by:
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At an upcoming briefing event for charities we will be talking about “disruption” and how that will (and already is!) impacting the charitable sector. More about this will be posted in coming weeks but for now this quote provides a good summary of the issues (from the recent JB Were report accessible here):

“Although the pace of change in income, expenditure and organisation numbers has been big, the growth in innovation, radical ideas and collaborative partnerships hasn’t yet reached this level. New operating methods and delivery models, greater and more imaginative use of IT, better ability to inform others of both success and particularly failure, to allow quicker and wider knowledge sharing and all examples of the potential to alter the status quo.  This is now beginning to change either because circumstances demand it or in some cases led by a proactive decision to think differently.  A greater increase in creative disruption in the sector would be valuable.”

The point raised here is certainly applicable to not just the charitable sector but other industries as well (including lawyers!) In relation to charities it is certainly worth thinking through what the future will hold and look at how you might do things differently using technology.  In coming posts we will look at some interesting examples.

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